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Learn more about the many Simple Results & how they can help transform your personal or professional life

Welcome to Simple Results®

Simple Results®

Simple Results®, a results-orientated consulting firm, educates through curriculums of transformative courses that effectively supports individuals and businesses to shift their current patterns by identifying their beliefs to achieve the outcomes of possibilities they desire. Simple Results offers a multi-disciplinary approach – from interactive seminars and keynote speaking engagements to executive team workshops.

Power Wishing®

Power Wishing® is empowering. With its unique synthesis of effective tools and results-orientated formulas, Power Wishing encourages you to live an intentional life of emotional, intellectual and spiritual self-fulfillment. Your dreams are there for a reason! Power Wishing supports you to manifest life experiences that are in alignment with your dreams.

Our Workshops

Simple Results® offers various workshops to create environments where individuals and businesses are consistently set up for success while creating harmony with all their passions in life. With the tools of Power Wishing, you are able to create a life that is happening FOR you, not TO you. Discover the tools that will support you to live the life you wish for!


Anne Louise Carricarte is driven by her compassion for others and a heart-felt desire to authentically contribute to positive changes in the world. This is the philosophy that has guided her life and her work. As a visionary leader with a layered perspective on spirituality, metaphysics and the psychology of human behavior, she gracefully combines this knowledge with being a successful CEO and entrepreneur through her work at Simple Results, Inc., her present company.

Her newly published book Power Wishing launched in September 2014. Power Wishing is empowering with its unique synthesis of effective tools and results-orientated formulas. It guides the reader to identify what they wish for and have the skill to know how to ask for these wishes to be their reality. Power Wishingprovides the platform to authentically have a life of spiritual, emotional, intellectual and financial self-fulfillment.

Ms. Carricarte has over 25 years of spiritual and positive psychology studies and has been presenting lectures and workshops since she was 17 years old. She is certified in various holistic healing practices and has worked one on one with clients for over 20 years. Having been a partner in building a multi-million dollar company which was later sold, as well as having the practical life skills of being a mother of two children and being avidly involved in philanthropy and her community, Ms. Carricarte is able to use her various skills… learn more.

Simple Results Testimonials

#1 Best-Selling Book on

New Book by Anne Louise Carricarte Empowers Your Definition Of Conscious Living

Inspirational speaker, educator and successful entrepreneur Anne Louise Carricarte presents Power Wishing: Visualization Technology for Manifesting. With its unique combination of effective tools and results-orientated formulas, Power Wishing is a body of work for living a life to the fullest in a way that is authentic to your wishes and beliefs. Readers learn to use their emotional intelligence to identify effectively what they are genuinely wishing for and choose how to activate this as their life design.

Power Wishing simplifies ancient universal laws, spiritual teachings, and quantum physics and shares this wisdom to provide a platform for embodying an authentic life of spiritual, emotional, intellectual and financial self-fulfillment. This entertaining and uplifting book is insightful as it inspires the awareness of possibilities within as the expectation of one’s reality. As one deepens the skill of Power Wishing techniques they will enhance all that they love about their life, authentically.

Learn more about the many Simple Results & how they can help transform your personal or professional life