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Power Wishing®

As the Founder of Simple Results®, Anne Louise Carricarte’s uses her foresight and formulas to create environments where individuals and businesses are consistently set up for success while creating harmony with all their passions in life. A dynamic visionary whose remarkable talents have led acclaimed leaders, clientele and business executives to warmly refer to her as a soul catalyst, Anne Louise Carricarte summons over 25 years of education in spiritual and developmental studies with experience as a successful entrepreneur, corporate consultant, and inspirational speaker. With a strong background in expanding and building entrepreneurial ventures, Anne Louise has combined her experience as a successful business consultant with her unique understanding of the human spirit to create Simple Results®, a results-orientated consulting firm.

New Book by Anne Louise Carricarte Empowers Your Definition Of Conscious Living

An emotionally-based formula that empowers you to have the opportunity to live your life with all the possibilities you wish for. Power Wishing’s effective method unifies results between your desires and your everyday life experience.

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Power Wishing® will support you to:

  • Use the power of emotions to accelerate your success with certainty
  • Have your authentic self be a reflection of your life purpose in action, with ease
  • Learn to identify beliefs that no longer serve you and shift them
  • Enhance your healthy emotions
  • Turn all of your experiences into tools that enhance the foundation of your success
  • Clearly understand that your perception creates your outcome and therefore if you shift your perception, you shift your outcome
  • Be a “Master of your Emotions”
  • Enhance your life experiences and your surrounding reality as a reflection of your best self
  • Release the need for struggle, drama or negative attention in your life
  • Master the technology of Power Wishing® and quickly turn your wish to your reality

With the tools of Power Wishing® you are able to create a life that is happening FOR you, not TO you.

Power Wishing® gives form to your desires and manifests your wishes with ease.

Is your life an expression of your wishes being granted?

It always is! The question is… Are you aware of what you are wishing for?

Anne Louise Carricarte has combined valuable ancient spiritual doctrines with modern day business expertise to create a powerful and useful formula for success. As an experienced entrepreneur, successful business executive and a contemporary inspirational teacher, Anne Louise is able to offer strategic life and business consulting in a way that creates a strong emotional foundation to support consistent results of the success you wish to create.

Power Wishing® technology teaches how the use of language, together with the power of your imagination, creates unified results between your wishes and your everyday life experience. Create awareness, inspiration and success through the power of your intentions and accelerate your wishes into action with Anne Louise Carricarte’s successful formulas and techniques. Her new book Power Wishing: Visualization Technology for Manifesting, shares her empowering method to support you in strengthening your emotional foundation to manifest successfully with ease.

By enhancing your awareness and creating clarity on what it is you truly desire to wish for in life, you create a space to attract exactly what you want. What you dream of, imagine in your mind, and feel in your heart is absolutely, without a doubt, yours to create. Learn how the practice of hand writing your wishes and developing a clear vision of your aspirations can support you to live an authentic life that brings you deep satisfaction, joy and abundance.  Release the struggle, shift habits, and lift the confusion that blocks so many of our dreams out of the way! Turn all of your experiences into tools of success and understand that your perception creates the outcome and you really are in control of your own world!

Each month, Anne Louise Carricarte presents Power Wishing® seminars to explore various topics and applies the Power Wishing formulas to participants wishes. Topics vary from Achieving Success, Inspiring Adventure, Improving Well-Being, Enhancing Relationships, Creating Clarity, Releasing Fears, Forgiveness, Forming Unity, Effective Communication, Harmony and Balance, and so much more!

Are you Power Wishing®? Learn more about the Power Wishing® Guidelines and have fun creating your experiences and living a joyous and authentic life!

CREATE AWARENESS: Who are you really? Claim your authentic self by embody your best qualities consistently and with ease. Know with confidence that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Live with clarity, strength and pride in knowing and understanding your beliefs and true desires.

ENHANCE IMAGINATION:  Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are always in a constant ask. You walk around all day imagining the “what if’s” of life. There is a language that supports the activation of our imagination and it is called our emotions. Our emotions are the fuel that fills our imagination tank and the road is our reality. 

CREATE EMPOWERMENT: Your reality is created by your thoughts. You are responsible for your reactions and experiences. Challenging issues can create confusion, but confusion actually allows you to create awareness. Empower yourself! Learn how to shift negative situations into positive learning experiences.

CREATE PROSPERITY:  Know that you know! Use your imagination as a powerful tool to create and manifest your dreams into reality. Clear the chaos, look for the good in your life, and create results by holding a clear vision of what you want. Allow the space for your vision to be created and engage and witness in the beauty of your wishes becoming reality.